Places to visit

– Castle
– Santa Maria´s Church
– St. Peter´s Church
– Misericordia Church
– Convent of Franciscan monks
– Chapel of  Mr. da Calçada
– Chapel of St. Bartholomew
– Chapel of Santa Eufémia
– Ducal Palace

– Cathedral
– Doors of the city
– Church of St. Vincent
– Guarda Museum
– Chapel of Mileu
– Donjon
– Church of the Misericordia
– City Wall
– Seminary and Bishop Palace
– Renaissance Window
– Jewry
– Manor House of Alarcão
– Promenade of Saint Andrés

Linhares (Historic Village)
– Castle
– Fort of São Caetano
– Great Church
– Manor House Brandão de Melo
– Calvary and Fountain of Santa Eufémia
– House – Fortress
– Forum and Diving Source
– Pilory
– Roman Road – Almocreves Road
– Manueline House

Celorico da Beira
– Roman Castle
– Church of Santa Maria
– Church of St. Peter
– Church of the Misericordia
– Roman Road
– Forum
– Great Church
– Manor House of Corte-Real
– Necropolis of S. Gens

Marialva (Historic Village)
– Donjon
– Church of São Tiago
– Castle
– Traces of the old fortress, court and jail
– Pilory
– Cistern-well
– Chapel of the Lady of Steps
– Chapel of St. John

– Pilory
– Town hall

– Castle
– Pilory
– House of the Freixos
– Great Church of São Paulo
– Church of S. Salvador
– Chapel of Santa Barbara
– Chapel of Santa Luzia
– Chapel of Calvary
– Castle
– Pilory
– Spa
Rock Engravings
– Pilory
Freixo Numão
– Museum of the Casa Grande
– Old Castle
– Roman Road
– The Windmill
– Juniper

Vila Nova de Foz Côa
– Rock carvings
– Great  Church
– Manueline Portico
– Pilory

Castelo Melhor
– Castle

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo
– Great Church
– Marofa Mountain Range
– Medieval Walls
– Ruins of the Cristovão de Moura Palace
– Church
– Fortress
– Vestiges of the Cloister of the Cistercian Convent of Santa Maria de Aguiar

Castelo Rodrigo (Historic Village)
– Great Church
– Manueline Pillory
– Palace

Almeida (Historic Village)
– Doors of San Francisco
– Infantary Barracks
– Church of the Misericordia
– Fake Doors
– Great Church
– “Casamatas”
-“ Revelim Doble”
– Upper Square
– Town hall
– Palace of the Vedoria
– Old Town Hall
– Castle Ruins
– Clock tower

Castelo Bom
– Castle
– Square

Castelo Mendo (Historic Villages)
– Castle
– Church of the Misericordia
– Old Court

– Medieval castle
– Historic center



Weekly Market on Friday in Trancoso;

Traditional Sausages Fair (February / March);

Recreation of  Trancoso Battle (May-municipal holiday);

Medieval Fair – Royal Wedding Collection of D.Dinis and Isabel of Aragon (June);

Popular Party Santo António´s Popular Party (Carnicães- June);

St. Bartholomew’s Fair (August);

Bread Festival (Carnicães-August).

Chestnut Fair (November);

Walks along rural paths.

Trekking in Trancoso (Guardians of the Plateau);

Hikes with a visit to the old shepherds’ shelters (Carnicães);

Walking tours in the farm and in the countryside (Carnicães);

Bicycle Tours (Carnicães);

Trough Tours (Carnicães).

Points of interest

Castle of Trancoso, D’El Rei Doors and Medieval Wall;

Historical heritage (historic center, churches, pillory, military field of battle of

Trancoso, medieval graves excavated in the rock, …);

House of Bandarra (prophet of Trancoso);

Jewish Museum;

City park;

Parish Church of Carnicães;

Manor House of Malafaias;

Source of Roman Diving in the center of Carnicães;

Castle, pillory, church and graves on the rock in Moreira de Rei.

Local Traditional Gastronomy

Toast with olive oil;

Assorted sausages;

Serra da Estrela cheese;


Lamb Stew;

Turnip shoot to the poor;

“Marrâ” (stewed pork) with roasted potatoes;

Rice with Fried Rabbit;

Bandarra Codfish;

Lagareiro Codfish;

Sweet rice;

Cream puff;

Cream milk;



Cottage cheese with pumpkin jam;

Sweet sardines from Trancoso;

Roasted chestnut.